Cumberland Center in Lebanon, Tennessee

Legends Drive Extension Breaks Ground

Legends Drive Extension Breaks Ground

Lebanon Mayor Philip Craighead thanked City Council members for their support on Wednesday as a crowd gathered to witness the groundbreaking for an extension project on Legends Drive.

Legends Drive is located off of S. Cumberland Street in Lebanon and runs alongside Demos' Restaurant and The Roxy Theater. With the mile and a half extension, Legends Drive will stretch to Briskin Lane, off of Sparta Pike. The road will run parallel to Interstate 40.

Craighead explained that the project has been talked about for a couple of years and he was proud to see it finally come to fruition.

"It took a while to design because of the flood issues," he said.

Craighead said that extending Legends Drive will not only make a positive change for Wards 2 and 3, but for all of Lebanon.

"This is going to attract a lot of retail and business in the future," Craighead continued. "You all know how long we've been working on this. Without the support of council it would still be trees back here."

Plans have been drawn to have the Legends Drive extension to go all the way to Sparta Pike, connecting to Briskin Lane just south of the Wilson County Fairgrounds.

The extension will also connect to Cumberland Center Drive when constructed.

Article From the Wilson Post - Sabrina Garrett

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